100 Days of Projects

Previously I was doing the 100DaysChallenge: for 100 days I will work on some project every day and report my progress in public here.


In addition to the general guidelines outlined on the #100DaysOfProjects homepage:

  • I can work on anything: be it a pull request to an open source project or further developments on my own site. The only requirement is that there is some unit of work that I can link to.
  • I'll add a bullet entry (if not a full page linked) here that outlines the outcome of each day of the challenge and link them below.
  • I will share my progress on twitter day over day and link to the current days page when appropriate.
  • It's not a huge deal to miss a day here or there. If I miss a day, then the count doesn't increment. (We just try again the next day.)

Daily Links

Each daily page will link below (I'll put these into a better list eventually..)

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posted: 2020-08-17