Day 07


Saturday! It's my day off so I can finally get into some of the major layout updates that I've been thinking about for the last couple of days. The goal is to fix up the layout work started last night and get some of these pages online asap. (Edit: If you're reading this later, I didn't actually end up posting until monday...)

Working on site template: sidebar/header/footer and some spacing. Actually spent quite a bit of time on this through out the day. I haven't really explored "responsive design without breakpoints" until very recently, and I'm really trying to go all in for this site.

I also intended to start moving through the infoproduct challenge, but I only managed to get as far as some ideation and brainstorm. Keep wanting to have a page on the site that is ready to show progress and feel like I'm stalled behind having these pages ready. Considered creating some sort of landing page or email list to at least start collecting names while I work on the rest of the project.

Today's Clippings 🍃

  • Revisited layout components and created a proper sidebar/footer
  • Lots of work on the site template trying to get pages online, but feeling like work is still too in-progress.

posted: 2020-08-22