Who is Jem?

This is a page where I might talk about me a little bit. You're on my domain on a page titled "whois": what did you expect?

Jem is a web developer based in Victoria BC

I've been working on the web professionally since as early as 2008, but I've been playing with building websites and web stuff since as early as 1997 (a young thirteen year old on the early internet). Over the last six years I've taken on roles with various tech companies, from agency life, to a small email startup, and on now to a "digital availability" SaaS platform.

In my spare time I like to:

  • Do a little bit of OSS: Lately i'm trying to help out with some of the nodejs.dev redesign.
  • Work in the open? LOL nope: but I'm def trying.
  • Build web stuff and share knowledge: a continual journey and work in progress