Day 03


Day number three and I'm starting to get nervous already. There's not much here, so every day I share I'm a little embarassed by what's not here yet. (Some of my writing has really been unfiltered too... perhaps I'm just unpracticed.)

On top of that, I felt like today was a long day (work wise) already, so doing anything extra feels laborious right now. But I imagine this is far from the first time I'll be feeling this way during the project.

Digital permaculture seems to be best achieved via consistent and sustainable cultivation. I'm trying to worry less about what's unfinished and focus more on what I can put out there today.

Today's Clippings 🍃

  • Misc thoughts and fears above
  • Updating the template a little more. Just some minor fixes so the vertical align doesn't lead to unnecessary scrollbars or clipping.
  • Added a header component (with just a logo, next a menu?)
  • It's a little gross how I load the default template currently (a layout manually imported in every mdx file) but I also like that everything is encapsulated. It's getting the job done for now!

posted: 2020-08-18