Day 09


Monday: working on filling in some of the gaps for the last couple of days, and taking responsibility for not posting. We post today!

Even though I think I've made little bits of progress day over day, I haven't felt good enough about them to share it out. Even tonight, I went in boldly a few hours ago thinking I could fix a few pieces of content and update everything. And here it is: 9pm (NOTE: late for me) and I still haven't quite pushed my code from three days ago yet.

I wonder a lot about whether I'm just too exhausted to take on challenges like this. I'm having a hard time with working into my evening: taking time away from myself that I'm used to having just for relaxing (and dumb things like video games) has FELT difficult. On the weekend I'm used to spending a certain amount of time tooling about my house taking care of cleaning and chores. I'm certain my partner's felt my lack of effort on the chore front while I pour myself into various froms of hustle.

I also wonder a lot about whether I should be so emo in these log entries. I'm aware this might be a tendency in my writing, to focus on aspects of my feelings rather than deliver content that is helpful to my readers. (On the other hand: sometimes sharing a feeling is what's needed for someone else feeling the same thing to open up.) Long term I think I'll plan to move some of this more personal struggle to a side / personal blog. But in the meantime: having only a single outlet means I'll just keep this here. (Message me if you think this is a mistake, or also if you support it!)

Anyways: I'm trying not to beat myself up too much over what I do or don't accomplish for this challenge. I do see value in trying to get a little further every day, and have managed to make a little progress even if I haven't posted. I just need to practice doing it more in the open.

I gotta send post before I think too much about this...

Today's Clippings 🍃

  • Posted in the morning to group dm with a comment about freaking out a little: there was a useful reminder posted in response that this is all just an excericse and to not take things too seriously
  • In the evening: filling various gaps from last couple of days: need to post something.
  • Added day 8/9 posts with some notes about work in progress...
  • Reviewed a couple of my pr's / github activity on mdx-next-advanced
  • Spent a couple minutes in the repo today adding some commentary; I have two tasks I said I'd take on and I hope I can get some work in on them in the next day or two

posted: 2020-08-24