Cascadia's closing...

Today was my second (and last) day of Cascadia 2020. My main focus for the day was tuning in and capturing key notes or links.

Closing conference thoughts

I also decided to move all my conference notes into a designated space. I figure I'll share notes from conferences again in the future, so I've opted to create a little space under /conf to store conference notes and retrospectives. Cascadia notes specifically are in /conf/cascadiajs/2020.

As I've been posting day over day, I've found there's still a little bit of overhead with how I've built the site so far. (Having to import default layouts isn't ideal and I think I can just use the default wrapper to provide default layout). Plus I want to get proper social media "cards", get web mentions working, actually add some of the post metadata, actually add some more styling...

No Info Product (temporarily)

So much to do in fact, that I've had to admit that I don't think I'm going to finish my info project (at least not before Friday). That work isn't lost, and I haven't given up, but it's not my priority or stress to try to finish it this week. I'm going to focus instead on fortifying some of this web property over the next couple of days/weeks first, then I'll give it a second shot once I have a space I feel good slightly better about sending folks to. 😅

Top of mind stuff to address:

  • Social media cards so when I share links it's not so plain
  • Styling. Oh boy do I need some spacing/theming.
  • Curate the homepage / root pages a little more (put something more relevant than just a simple header)
  • Shouldn't have to import layouts (allow the wrapper to take care of defaults)
  • But definitely still allow layouts to be overridden.

I'm still figuring out the best combination of modules to facilitate all of this, but I think once I address these couple of use cases I'll have a pretty good understanding of how to feed data into an mdx based page.

Today's Clippings

  • Took lots of notes during the conference day two
  • And since I've done this one day, I have a better process for importing
  • Thinking longer term about posting conference notes directly, I'd like to have a spot for them to go. Thinking too much about long term url structure, I settled on conf/cascadiajs/2020 as a spot to keep the notes (so I'm not just linking to day15/16)
  • Fixed one issue with the site build so my babel imports didn't cache strangely, and updated few templates and links
  • Drafted a few ideas (just above) about what some of my next garden add-ons should be focused toward. It's a garden, so this is always organic, but those seem like worthy add-ons.

posted: 2020-09-02