555 Site Improvements

Today was a 555 project day at work. These come regularly on the first friday of the month. The idea is that you're allowed to work on just about anything so long as you're learning something new. And considering I've been working on building this project, there's plenty of opportunities to learn new things with regards to general site implementation. I spent the day working through improving elements of this default mdx layout, along with exploring how I could add og-image tags properly.

Info Product Challenge

Also: it's officially Friday, and the end of our initial round of the "Info Product Challenge". I noted on day16, I haven't had the energy to create my own product on top of all the other personal / open source work I've been doing. I'm excited that the site is developing, that I've been writing more, that I've had the opportunity to push the odd commit to some OSS. But I'd like to keep doing more, and trying to create a product (prematurely) is probably the wrong thing for me to focus on right away.

That said: a bunch of the other friends that set out to create products at the same time as I did actually managed to complete and launch theirs. You should check out the following:

This was only round one, and I probably forgot or missed some. As more of us create I'll continue to share these out. (I'll also try to add some notes about my experience with the project the first time, and why I think each of these are worth your time: coming in a post this weekend.)

Plop your new files in place

One last thing: I set up plop for my initial mdx templates. Day over day I've been creating these templates (with frontMatter at the top, including some default values). Copying and modifying the file (or making one from scratch) every day was getting a little old, so I added plop so I could shortcut my way to new posts every day.

$ yarn plop 100days
yarn run v1.22.4
$ plop 100days
? Date of this entry 2020/09/04
? #100Days number 17
? Post title (h1) 555 Site Improvements
? Post description (summary) Today I worked on...
✔  ++ /pages/100days/day17.mdx
✨  Done in 17.06s.

This makes it super easy to initiate a new post. I'll build on this if there are other templates (such as components/layouts) that I want to be able to scaffold out quickly.

Long Weekend

It's labour day long weekend! Three days off, I've got lots of time for side projects. However, I need to commit some of that time to pushing some of the nodejs.dev projects forward as well. Either way: I'm optimistic about some of what I hope to get done...

Today's Clippings

  • Began investigating social media cards
    • These are actually og-image's, and I was able to quickly uncover several resources on the topic
    • Notably, @swyx has a great primer with five different approaches
    • @chrisbiscardi has a really good egghead playlist that covers Building an OpenGraph image generation API with Cloudinary, Netlify Functions, and React
    • Some of the options are good for gatsby, others for next (vercel has an example "Open Graph Image as a Service" that you can easily clone and modify as necessary).
    • If you end up building your own cloud function, it typically involves headless chrome taking a screenshot of some rendered page template modified via query params
    • I didn't want to spend too much time "in the weeds" with getting into heavily customizing my own solution, so the module Jason Lengstorf wrote to generate these images with cloudinary seems like a good solution for getting something going sooner than later.
  • Set the wrapper component, allowing for default mdx templates
  • Refactored the page templates to better accommodate the idea of default layouts
  • Fixed all of the existing templates, by removing the extra import default imports from just about everything (that was no longer necessary with the default wrapper).
  • Styling fixes!
    • Removed unused styles
    • Added some line-height to everything so things don't feel so crunched up.
    • Styling <code> elements now for more visual representation
  • plop initial set up so I can quickly scaffold 100days posts

posted: 2020-09-04