CSS & various refactors

Adding little extras to css as I figure out where and how I want the main files to be laid out. I've been shifting some of the components around a little bit and forming some thoughts around potentially a handful of top level site folders that should be considered, including:

  • components: A collection of all the individual page components that can be composed and make up the site
  • layouts: Layouts can be added to mdx pages to toggle the wrapper component. If we treat all layouts as a collection of composed components (with a content area) then we can mix and match and facilitate all sorts of strange page structures.
  • pages: And then pages are just documents with potentially additional metadata. Pages can set a wrapper layout, or import components to be used within the body of the page.

I've also been thinking about the layout of pages in general. If you allow for individual pages to have their own layouts, it's likely that you still want elements of the site (header/footers) to wrap those unique layouts. But individual pages might also have their own (header/footer). A "site" is going to have many "pages" within it, but the root level branding is usually still "site wide". (This is mostly just me noting that I need to refactor some of the components to make things more obvious.)


One funny element to trying to get a little bit done day over day: I find that I can work for hours on elements and still feel like I haven't managed to complete them properly. This leads to me feeling like I'm not getting anything done. Which is absolutely silly, because when I look back at the commit for today I'm definitely glad to be making progress. (The clippings below have a few points I would have written off if not for striving to document some of today's actions.)

Being open is really challenging for me. There's a little voice in the back of my head: "it's not as much progress as you could have made; there are so many projects you could have pushed forward if only you could have done just a little more... nobody cares about this incomplete increment"

I almost didn't want to commit/push and get today's increment up. Mostly just because the progress doesn't feel substantial or worth commenting on.

But the show must go on. Trying to work in the open means putting this out there, and just iterating. And it may be a work in progress, but there is progress day over day. That's what I'm focusing on: the baby steps, the individual increments that make things even just a little better than they were the day before.

Both in my code, and in life...


  • I'd like to have < prev and next > links somewhere on these pages, connecting between each of the days.
  • Need to get dark and light modes going again, it's not great to have light theme for folks wanting dark mode
  • Fonts: I want to keep the page load light, but I'm wondering if maybe something easy like Open Sans is worth the effort? (Or if nothing else, I should tune the system font stack a bit so I'm not just using sans-serif)

Today's Clippings

  • Plop addition: I added to the plop-file enough logic to verify the latest highest 100days posts so I could run the script on any given day and have the value default to n+1 (n being the previous highest increment).
  • Giving a css gradient background a spin: this is temporary and will eventually toggle along with other theme settings
  • Fixed some layout issues on shorter screens. The header has a max-height that is to restrictive at very short pages (but necessary for vertically centering the content otherwise).
  • Wrote some thoughts above on feeling inadequate.

posted: 2020-09-05