Getting ready to stream again...

Opened up OBS and my gaming computer for the first time in a few months (then mostly just ran updates and reconfigured sources for updated hardware.

I've streamed before. Not too many times, but enough that I have an idea how all the hardware and software has to be set up. I've been thinking about working on a stream again so I spent a little bit on this Sunday afternoon hooking everything up.

Only hang up today was that my primary (decent) webcam doesn't really run well through some of my usb hubs into windows. (It works fine through said usb hubs into my OSX systems, but the stream is choppy af, broken and delayed when I try to connect to the windows streaming system.) The last time I seriously streamed I wasn't using some of this gear, so it makes sense I'd have to figure out how to configure it.

I was able to eventually work around the problem by hooking the webcam in directly to the tower (and this might be the right approach for stream stability ultimately). It makes it just slightly harder to switch that camera over to the laptop if I want to go back and forth...

For the context of streaming though, this shouldn't be a blocker. I plug in directly and I'm good to go, so here's to planning some code streams in the near future...

Today's Clippings

  • Summarize what we did today!
  • Hooked up my webcam and some of my new audio hardware to my streaming desktop computer
  • Immediately ran into difficulties trying to connect through some of my usb hubs
  • Switching to a direct connection seems to work for now: explored various OBS settings in preparation for potentially streaming soon.

posted: 2020-09-06