Day 12: ..actually stuff


This is a retro post: I actually shared yesterday only briefly only twitter that I had done some stuff. I filled in this post with a few details the next day... Website Redesign

This was really the focus for me today (outside of my day job of course).

These meetings come up every thursday. There's been a push recently to try to get more of the site redesign moving forward. It's a gatsby.js website built with some typescript. If you've got front-end skills (or even if you don't) you should check out the repo: there's lot's of opportunities for folks to get started with all sorts of contributions.

Today's meeting notes were posted as a PR to the repo and have since been merged in. (You can review the notes markdown file in the repository.)

Architecture Decision Records

The other bigger area that I've been tackling is around documenting architectural decisions that have been made on the project until now. I'm not necessarily looking to suggest any changes, but having worked on different teams and across different stacks, I can already see a whole breed of front end questions starting to crop up.

I have a bunch of notes, both on the PR and on the original issue, that talk about the reasoning for the change. You can let me know what you think over there...

Today's Clippings 🍃

  • website redesign meeting at 11am
  • PR'd the notes in the evening once I was off work
  • Also got my "ADR" pr started...

posted: 2020-08-27