Day 11: OSS Projects


Today was a productive day where I worked on a variety of projects!

All in my spare time (before and after work) of course: It can be tempting to want to review non-work PR's on work time, but I try to be careful to only work on OSS or side projects outside of my core work hours. (The one exception I make is for group meetings like the website redesign meeting of course.)

mdx-next-enhanced contribution!

My contribution to mdx-next-enhanced was finally accepted and merged this morning! There was a request to rebase yesterday afternoon. I only saw it this morning before work and spent a couple minutes to update it quickly. A maintainer ended up implementing and merging the rebase just before me though.

Either way, we got the fix in: the module should be working with the new version of Next.js once folks upgrade to this new major version.

Theme alignment issues

While I was pushing out my fixes yesterday I noticed that in safari there were some issues with the main content region alignment. I'm trying to be clever about the vertical alignment: having things vertically aligned to about the 5/8th mark when content is less than the height of the window. Adding some height and adjusting the flex properties makes sure things render correct in all my target browsers.

Theme Colors

I removed the blue/red/yellow coloring that different regions had. Also got rid of that funky funny background. It was useful while I was troubleshooting and tweaking layout. But otherwise it was probably all way too distracting.

I was kind of into the dark green color scheme I built back around day two or three. I'll probably restore that (or something similar) in the next day or so.


One thing I've been trying to work on more consistently is my contributions for open source. And specifically, the nodejs project has a website redesign that is underway. There's a bunch of front end work available, so if you wanted to contribute I recomend checking out the repo and issues and seeing what you can help with.

OR: join the redesign meetings? There's one tomorrow at 11am (PST) that I'll be attending and they happen weekly. Maybe we can coordinate stuff to work on there...

Info Product Challenge

If there's one thing I haven't worked on enough today, it was my #infoproductchallenge modules. I have a pretty good outline for the first couple of modules that I would want to create. But I'm also wavering on how I want to execute everything.

Initially I figured I'd do something of a series of screen casts, but I worry that will be too boring if I try to do it by myself. After all - videos about how to do video conferencing are probably much more relevant if I can SHOW actual conferencing. (Maybe I could find some folks who are interested in playing the role of actors for a couple of my videos... Or another approach would be to run some actual meetings and record how things are facilitated.)

The question always is what can I get done during the course of the first run of this challenge... 😅

Today's Clippings 🍃

  • Morning: quick rebase of my contrib, later merged into mdx-next-enhanced
  • Fixed a bug with the alignment of the content area on safari.
  • Styling adjustments to the theme: that funky background and coloring was a bit much.
  • Some review of issues on the repo, getting ready to join the meeting tomorrow informed
  • Probably spending too much time on these posts day over day

posted: 2020-08-26