Day 10: Learning in the open...


Have I mentioned yet that I kind of find learning in the open disingenuous. There's just something about the fact that we have to essentially hustle our way through demonstrating our coding proficiency that feels... not great.

It's not that I take issue with learning in any form. It's the "in the open" that seems problematic. On some level, I think I was raised to learn quietly and individually first. You test and prove your ideas privately before you put them out into the world. It feels faux pas to share content (to become a casual authority on a topic) when you're still just figuring things out.

I think my hesitation also comes from worrying too much about taking up space. I think our culture tends to reward folks who are willing to "take up space". In advertising, the people who take up the most space often end up making the most sales, right? And we're taught that "fortune favours the bold". "The squeaky wheel gets the grease". "It's better to ask forgiveness than beg permission".

Unfortunately, in my experience, the side effect of always filling a lot of space is you don't leave much room for others to join you equitably. Turns out certain folks "boldness" may often be antithetical to actual inclusivity.

But of course, I'm generalizing here. YMMV, depending on the organization, depending on your involvement and interest in the topic. I don't mean to shame anyone who shares their process.

I just have a lot of doubt about whether I want to add to all of that noise. On some level I do believe that every individual has a unique perspective to share, I'm just not quite confident I've found mine yet.


I'll think about this a bit more and try to sit with this before I rag on it too much more. If you're someone learning in the open... or if you're someone who values following along with people in the open... let me know what you think. I'm truly curious.

IF it helps: I don't feel too bad about posting day over day for this 100Days thing (etc). I've learned it's useful to put these out there as an exercise, so it's not quite the same as "learning in the open"? Or is it..? (Maybe my goal is just to do it enough that I don't put up these blockers in the first place... but clearly I'm still conflicted...)

Today's Clippings 🍃

  • OMG looking back at the last couple of days, soo many typos. Fixed up one or two that I was able to find (thanks to @mnmlsm0 on twitter for pointing out an obvious one). Will maybe look at a spell checker long term...
  • Added a first draft of /whois: I figure if folks are going to look at my dumb progress every day they might as well have a clear spot to find out about me. Linked in header (sidebar).
  • Post (above) about my hesitation on learning in the open
  • Added a placeholder page where I'll post details about my #InfoProductChallenge workshop I've been cooking up. Details incoming tomorrow...

posted: 2020-08-25