Labour Day: OSS Contributions

Every time I've pushed an update to my personal site (or side project) over the last couple of days, I've thought about a couple of the issues I said I wanted to do for the project (but hadn't finished yet). Today was a day off work, so why not spend the time catching up on some of the OSS contributions I've been talking about all week.

A couple of the submissions ended up being purely refactoring previous pull requests (from others) to get things ready for merging. And this got me thinking: How long should you wait for results when you ask for revisions on a pull request?

When I submitted my PR for next-mdx-enhanced, I was caught off guard when I had less than twenty four hours to get my rebase addressed. The maintainer told me ahead of time they were going to let me know that I could rebase (based on when some other work landed, so I could rebase and resubmit). But the ask to rebase came around 3:30pm one afternoon and before 9:30am the next morning the maintainer had already opted to finish the rebase for me.

All of the PR's up for discussion the project have been open for several weeks, with requests for commentary or feedback being revisited over multiple weeks. I would hope in between we provided ample time for individuals to get back to their original submissions, but I'm definitely aware of not wanting to "steal contributions" from anyone because they didn't respond quickly enough.

Today's Clippings

  • Three contributions opened to
    • Submitted our meeting notes from the last meeting
    • Cleaned up and resubmitted two previous pull requests that had gone cold and needed some follow up before they could be landed
  • Swapped the background gradient to something a little greener
  • Played with colors to finally get back to dark/light modes (for us folk with light eyes)
  • Added a Colophon page to highlight some of the architecture decisions here

posted: 2020-09-07