HTML Testing Page

The purpose of this page is just to showcase a number of different html elements (mostly those that we could provide via markdown) for the purposes of testing out how things are laying out

Headings up to four

I'm going to try to avoid having headings beyond level four. And the first heading is also always reserved for the page title.

Heading Three

As we get into the smaller headers, our spacing before becomes slightly less. However, I've decided to keep it as close to the size of the headings as possible.

Heading Four

We've gone down as deep as we can go. Actually that's not entirely true, because we can still have headings as far as level five and six.

Heading Five

We're getting pretty far down here now, where our ownly solution is to use the standard heading time that is available. (We don't grow much here, we just emphasize in other ways.)

Heading Six

The lowest heading of the group. Probably won't get down this far unless we're in an extremely nested topic. Perhaps it's a style to use for sidebar components.