Cascadia Fest Day 01 Notes

I haven't tried to clean these up or even finish any unfinished thoughts. YMMV! I'll revisit later...

Claudius Mbemba

Chattin about systemic racism and some tangible changes book recos (two starters)

  • so you wanna talk about race
  • how to be antiracist

Kyle Simpson:


  • Rubics cube metaphor for monad: can look at one side, get part of the picture
  • types and values intertwined
  • what does a monad mean?

James Steinbach

Modal windows for everyone:

  • <dialog>
  • role=“dialog”
  • aria-modal=“true”
  • scrim!

Tiger Oakes

The Past, Present, and Future of Favicons Preview maskable icons in the browser! (167 kB) Preview monochrome icons in the browser! (446 kB)

Romulo Cintra Espirito Santo

i18n | l10n - The Principles for a More Accessible Web

In the side chat there was some discussion about how nice his presentation was and some links to tools like or Loom

Jemima Abu

Understanding Accessibility as a Concept

  • Beyonce was sued in 2018
  • Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool (WAVE)

Will Klein

Memory Leaks and the Havoc They Wreak

Kelsey Breseman

Saving Data to the DWeb: A Primer and a Practical Perspective

content is chunked, max size 256kb chunk labels are hash of the content Pied Piper’s New Internet Isn’t Just Possible—It’s Almost Here | WIRED Scuttlebutt

Kelsey Breseman:

Follow-up resources from my talk: or if you want to see it on Mastodon instead

Najla Elmachtoub

Human Centered On-Call Practices

Break / Twilio etc

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a conf pass the Bechdel test with such flying colors, so great ~ Kelsey Breseman [she/her]

Joel Hooks

Developing Your Community Brand

  • marketing yourself and your skills
  • building your reputation
  • tom critchlow inspired joel (even if you think joel started it)
  • search is critical to a digital garden
  • tania rascia: missing guides etc (a good example digital garden)
  • Tania Rascia
  • In Slack (Alpha Chen): Andy Matuschak's notes are a thing of beauty:

@Cassidoo on slack:

Kent C Dodds made this super cool URL shortener project that I think would be really useful for sharing your own blog posts and stuff if you want short things to point to if someone asks you about something you've done! (edited)

Sangeetha KP

The ACID/BASE Conundrum

BASE Compliance NewSQL store — relational db with scalability of NoSQL while maintaining ACID guarantees

Community Resource: cascadiajs-2020-shared-links · GitHub

Shawn Wang

The Operating System of You re: building a second brain: good book recommendation from cassidy build your dream network j. kelly hoey

Daniel Pink has an RSA animates video about motivation, it is a GREAT place to start.

posted: 2020-09-01